Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wow, It's Been Almost A Month

We've come so far in this month, she is back doing math on Time 4 Learning and is really enjoying it, amazing what a little mastery will do for a kid. I hear all the arguments against drilling and memorization, but honestly I don't think a little hurts, at least not my kid.

We have done some great field trips to the zoo for the opening of Teton Trek, to the Pink Palace to see a movie on mummies, and more planetarium show, pumpkin patches to pat animals, pick pumpkins and play with other homeschoolers.

We did a Magic School Bus science kit on Going Green. We created a mini compost tube, compared the decay rate of plastic, styrofoam, and leaves, made paper, and so much more. She loved checking on her experiments each day, and writing up conclusions at the end.

I've seen her joy and love of reading expand as she has more time and opportunity to do it for enjoyment. She has plowed through several Animal Ark books, as well as non-fiction on bats, vampire bats, cheetahs, penguins, hippos, puffins, tigers, whales, dolphins, weather patterns, and so much more.

Artistically we are seeing her get back into the pattern of experimentation and constant creation. During first grade her production of art work had dropped off to nearly nothing, a huge change from the constant barrage we had from the time that she could first hold a crayon.

Guess this is it for now, I won't promise to update too soon as we know I probably won't. Oh well, I'll either keep posting sporadically here, or eventually wrap this into my other blog. Who knows...


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