Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've Been Lost In Wordpress Land

So getting my other blog fully functional on wordpress has been slightly time consuming. I still have some design work to do, but it no longer needs constant attention.

Of course, to celebrate my shared hosting server is screwed and I can't ftp! Somedays I just have to wonder.

"School" has been going well, and I think we have totally turned the corner with the addition & subtraction debacle. I'm trying to decide what 2nd grade math topic I want her to cover next, and whether I will use Kumon (assuming they cover it) or something else. I am still sort of debating investing in Horizons.

Since we are schooling year round I decided to give her a "report card" every 2 months. This is definitely a hold over from her ps days; but not one she is ready to give up yet. She was thrilled with her report card and loves that everything she gets for "school" has penguins on it.

We are continuing weekly trips to the library and zoo, and are trying to add at least one other field trip type event to each week. The Mississippi has won the draw that last 2 and may win again another just for ease and cost ($0).


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