Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Started

I made the decision to homeschool for 2nd grade about halfway through 1st grade. Had I known then how hard the remaining school year would be and just how much time I would invest in getting my daughter through it, I would have just started then. I'm not sure what else what you could call our proposed style other than relaxed eclectic. I have collected a variety of resources and we will be using Time 4 Learning since she loves to use the computer. I've put together a couple weeks worth of homemade workbooks that include lessons I created myself, units from, units from Homeschool Share, and the units I want her to do from Time 4 Learning. We will be covering the basics (math, reading, writing, science, & social studies), penguins (they are her favorite animal), Brownies, and a couple of activities I'll let her choose as we go along. For art and music this year we will stick with fun crafts and learning to play her guitar, as long as it's fun. I'm sure there will be all kinds of challenges and hurdles I haven't even thought of yet; but I am truly looking forward to the adventure.

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