Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Days In One

A little late with the entry today, not that anyone is reading or cares...

Yesterday was a long day; but she really held up well. I need to be careful how much lesson reading I give her to do solo. She was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the social studies lesson and so fascinated with looking things up that it took forever. I don't want to discourage her or encourage just skimming through and not really learning anything.

Based on what I'd seen earlier I did her last section, Penguins, as a joint read and that really seemed to do the trick. Lesson learned.

Today, based on what we learned yesterday, we started the day together doing her science reading and answering her questions on the penguin reading yesterday. It took just under an hour to do both and then she was off to the computer to do her Time 4 Learning sections. She loves that site and she is so excited to write everyday. Last thing she did was paint the sun for her solar system model, she has been dying to get her hands on that kit and now the project has finally begun.

We still have some reading to do; but for now she is out and about with the neighbor kids having a grand time.


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