Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Handyman, The Math Monster, and The Writer

So I had big plans yesterday for finding out where we stood with math; but first I had to deal with a handyman who was going to fix a leak in my roof. Thank goodness the leak is in the garage because he really did do his best; but there are just no guarantees.

Then we finally got down to business on Time 4 Learning and boy did she devour the math. She was just plowing through it and while I'll want to keep up with some review, it's obvious that she could, and probably will, do a lot more than what they call 2nd grade. Of course, to me, what this really means is that there is a ton more time for the fun stuff.

She did a Language Arts unit as well and loved the part where she got to do creative writing. She did it not once but twice, without any prompting. Then she went and created a cover for her two stories and turned them into chapters in a book! It's good to see her having fun with all of it.

I'm not sure if we are doing our zoo trip today or tomorrow, as we have a few hot ones on the way. Not that it really matters, whatever day we go, I'll use the other to introduce her to our first science and social studies units. She'll be thrilled when she finds out that she gets to take the Solar System kit out of the box!


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